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Old House POS wc 16 x 19

Antiquities Isle de Re

The basket shop Isle de Re wc 15 x 18

Tourists Campo S Giovanni Paolo 12 x 16

Westminster Abbey in the Autumn sunshine wc 19 x 28

The Oospitale Civiile Campo Giovanni Paolo Venice wc 14 x 18

The harbour Giglio Italy wc 15 x 18

Afternoon light St Ives

Morning coffee Honfleur wc 13 x 15

The fish stalls at Campo St Marguerita Venice 15 x 15

The last of the revellers Venice oil 16 x 20

Tourists in thr early moring Basilica Venice wc 9 x 11

Take my photo Piccadilly Circus oil 12 x 16

Enjoying an Ice cream in the shade oil 16 x 20

Enjoying the music Venice oil

Concert goers The Albert Hall wc 10 x 9

Looking down Maraval valley
oil 12 x 16

Little house Senise wc 10 x 12

Out of sevice old estate Trinidad
wc 19 x 29

Looking down the river lappio basilicata

The Washing line Sevies The Tarn
wc 22 x 16
Traffic Detriot wc

The Severn estuary from Woodschester park Oil 10 x 14

The village of Zennor Cornwall

The Drunken Duck Inn Cumbria wc 10 x 14

A quiet corner at Summerleaze wc 19 x 14

The white boat Brentford Boatyard wc

Early morning mooring Dinan

St Margarets Bay oil 10 x 14

Morning Light Iona wc 14 x 19

Low tide St Ives 2

Taxona at Sunbury wc 15 x 18

Rough waves from the Blanchisseuse Road oil 8 x 10

Ready for launching POS Trinidad oil 24 x 30 inches

Still afternoon Lower Halstow
wc 16 x 19

Moorings Isle de Re wc 14 x 17

House Boat West Mersea oil

Rising tide Erith wc

Blanchisseuse Beach low tide
oil 10 x 16

Coming through Las Cuevas
wc 18 x 29

Rising tide Tollesbury wc

Low tide Putney

Fishing boat India wc

Maracas oil

North Coast Trinidad oil

Fishing boats Essaouira wc

Bristol Docks wc

Lymington Marina wc

Looking over the Caribbean Sea from North Coast Trinidad

Red sail Mudeford wc

One red one wc

The old boat house Maidenhead oil

The red scarf Senise oil

In the heat of the
midday sun Senise oil

Dusk Senise Italy oil

Evening light from the Paramin Hills oil 12 x 16

Jims place oil

Late afternoon looking
over Diego Martin oil

North Coast Trinidad oil

Looking down Maraval valley oil

Fishermen Setting the nets Mayaro wc

Cutty Sark repairs
Full imperial 29 x 19 watercolour

Jim carrying potatoes wc

The coconut seller Trinidad oil

The little vegetable stall Maraval Oil

The Sunday card game

The Sunday Market Charlotte Street oil

Enjoying an Ice cream in the shade
oil 16 x 20

Chatham Museum wc

Roman Temple Jerash Jordan wc

Estate House Santa Cruz Valley
wc 20 x 29

Georges House oil

Reading the papers Blanchiseusse oil

Old House P O S wc

Drying sheds cocoa plantation
Santa Cruz oil

West door Westminster Abbey wc

Saumur on the Loire wc

The narrow streets Senise oil

Sunday morning St Malo
wc 18 x 28

Preparation for the Sunday morning
sail St Malo wc 19 x 28

Hill top town Italy
wc 10 x 14

Pewsey Village
wc 18 x 29

Across to Ingleborough Yorkshire Dales oil 10 x 14

Blanchisseuse Beach
oil 16 x 20

A dusting of snow Richards sheds
wc 18 x 29

Old DB tractor
wc 20 x 28

Looking South from Nympsfield
oil 10 x 14

Spring blossoms Pontoise France
oil 8 x 10

Morning light Senise Italy
oil 7 x 15

The little blue house Trinidad
wc 18 x 28

Woodcote Park 2
oil 10 x 12

Iris in the morning sunshine
oil 10 x 14

Moorings Bristol docks
oil 8 x 10

Still summer evening Queenborough oil 10 x 14

Preparation for the Olympics the Cutty Sark wc 15 x 18

Cadaques Spain
oil 8 x 10

Moorings Brancaster Staithes
wc and ink 10 x 17

Scoundrel moored at Greenwich
wc 18 x 28

The red head model
oil 9 x 7

Homeward bound 1911
wc 19 x 29

Unloading sand Bugbys Reach
wc 12 x 12

Moorings Priston
oil 16 x 20

In for repair St Osyth
wc 13 x 13

Fishermen on the Strait of Hormuz
wc 16 x 19

The Lighthouse ship Tollesbury wc 15 x 19

Estate House Trinidad
wc 16 x 18

Old workhorses Woodbridge wc 10 x 14

Here they come Henley
wc 8 x 14

The evening concert St Marco
oil 20x16

Old Agra morning shopping
oil 10 x 18

The City from Greenwhich Observatory
wc 15 x 18

The Santa Maria Venice
wc and pencil 29 x 22

Busy Frederick Street
oil 16 x 20

Tourists Campo S Giovanni Paolo
wc 12 x 16

On the mobile Dinan
gouache 7 x 10

Quadris Venice
wc and ink 10 x 14

Tower Senise Italy
oil 10 x 8

Old Colonial house Trinidad
wc 15 x 18

Cottages at low water Staithes
wc 16 x 19

The Carousel Honfleur
wc 16 x 19

Dalis House Portlilgat Spain
oil 8 x 10

Reflections Chinon
wc 16 x 11

The lonely stall seller Covent Garden oil 10 x 12

Evening light Covent Garden
oil 10 x 12

Everson and Sons Boatyard Woodbridge wc 19 x 29

Maracas bay Trinidad wc 12 x 15

Windy Beach looking South Trinidad wc 15 x 18

Dirty British Coaster wc 16 x 18

House boat Felixstowe wc 15 x 18

Bristol Docks wc 15 x 18

Early morning St Malo wc 15 x 18

Unloading the catch Traviso Portugal wc 16 x 20

Blanchisseuse Beacch looking west wc 15 x 18

Blanchisseuse Beach looking East wc 16 x 18

Diners summer evening outside the Festival Hall oil 12 x 14

Night scene Venice
oil 10 x 12

By the V and A
oil 10 12

The Oospitale Civile Campo Giovanni Paolo Venice wc 16 x 19

Westminster Abbey West door interior

Towards the S Giorgio Maggiore Venice wc 14 x 18

Early morning light Basilicata
wc 15 x 18

Across the fields Basilicata
wc 14 x 16

Through the grape vines Basilicata
wc 8 x 10

The vegetable garden Dinan
oil 8 x 10

More snow on the common Ewshot
oil 16 x 20

Old sheds Ewshot
oil 20 x 24

The hill top town of Aliano Basilicata oil 16 x 20

From Aliano to S Arcangelo Basilicata Italy Oil 20 x 24

Down the back lane snow 2010
oil 16 x 20

Spitalfield old market
wc 14 x 14

Looking at the map Trafalgar Square
oil 10 x 12

Old Estate houses Trinidad
wc 16 x 18

Dinan Church
oil 8 x 10

The old cooling towers Dubai
wc 16 x 18

Orlean Cathedral France
wc 28 x 20

Tourists at Santiago de Compostella
oil 16 x 20

The Yellow Taxi Trinidad
oil 16 x 20

The Roman tower Campese Italy wc 15 x 19
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